Tuesday, 15 January 2013

2013 mail

Hello everyone!! I am writing a post after a very long time and it's because I've been out of town. I came four days ago but did not get enough time to share my 2013 mail. So here's what I've got this year:

A card from my postcard pal (Poland) who blog at Got That Swing's letters 

Next, a Christmas card arrived in 2013 from my pal Ewelina (also from Poland)

Kobe Luminarie card from my pal Ayaka (Japan)

Next, another Christmas card from Penny ( Brazil)

Letter from my pal Alex( USA) who blogs at 80sgirl

Letter from my pal L R McArthur (USA) along with a New year card she sent me

I have got letters to write and I'm finding it really difficult to manage my outgoing mail this month. I wonder if there's someone who is facing the same problem at the moment. How is your outgoing mail these days?