Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas......

Here are the three different types of Christmas cards that I sent to my pals across the globe.

A Christmas card from my pal Lucas (USA)
I'm missing Christmas at here's the picture my sister sent of this year's Christmas back at home....

So how did you celebrate Christmas this year???? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Joyous New Year!!!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Incoming Mail....

Hello Everyone!! Yes, I still exist on earth!!! I know I'm writing after a very long time and this was mainly because of my MBA program. From the time I left my home for another city, I've been missing writing,blogging and sending mail. Occasionally, I've been sending cards to my pals but I hope to catch up with them and start writing back's what I got in last week...

A beautiful postcard from Ayaka

A Christmas card from my pal Caddi (Germany)....I love the stamps

Postcard from a private swap Tobias (Switzerland)

How are you celebrating Christmas this year? How has your Christmas mail been so far?
Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas in advance.....

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Outgoing Mail

Hello! I haven't sent great amount of mail but here's what I sent a little while ago.
 A letter to LR Mc Arthur( my pen pal). She's a Downton Abbey fan as well.

I sent these cards last month and all the recipients have already received them ( I am late showing them here...I know I've turned lazy). They were headed to USA, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka..

 Two more postcards on their way to Japan and USA

 Stamps on the back on the above two cards....

Have you been sending out very little? Or your outgoing mail has been enormous??

Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Mail

Hello!! Mail has been extremely slow here and this is what I've got last month.

First, a giveaway package from Aniko who blogs at Idle Needle

Next, two cards (received on different dates) from my postcard pal Lily

A Thank you card from Singapore Philatelic Museum ( they sent me one because I sent them a snake themed postcard for their exhibition)

A card from a private swap with Ilona (Cornwall,England)

 Another card from a private swap with Leung (Hong Kong)

Lastly, a a letter from my pen pal L R Mc Arthur

Has your incoming mail been very slow these days?? I hope mine picks up the speed a little bit so that I can share it with all of you...Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cards and Outgoing Mail

Namaste! Here's what I've received in the past week

Two cards from my postcard pal Lily (Finland). She sent the first card during her visit to Lapland.

Next two cards from Adventures of Traveling Postcard R6

My incoming and outgoing mail are extremely slow at the moment. So, I haven't sent much and here's what I've sent this week:

A super late reply(my apologies) to my pen pal Heidi

A postcard on its way to my postcard pal in Finland

I hope that my incoming mail would move faster so that I can send more and more stuff. How is your Incoming mail at the moment?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Incoming and outgoing

Hello Everyone!!! I haven't been getting much mail these days but here's what I've sent and got recently. 

First, a letter from my pal Ryan

Next lovely cards from my pal Elizabeth with a picture of her friend's cute pet 

Now the outgoing mail...Today (20th March) is celebrated as World story telling day, so I am doing my bit by sending stories to my pals. Here's the two letters containing stories I've sent today.

front view

back view
Next a postcard to my pal Lily 

Lastly a reply to my pal Ryan and a postcard to another friend

I am finally relieved because my final exams have finished. I am happy that I'm able to reply and communicate with all of my pals now by sending them mail. 

It's sad that Google Friend connector is going to retire so please import all your blogs from reading list using Bloglovin. Kindly follow my blog using the Blog lovin as well. Thank you!!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt

Well, I got this package from my partner Erika in the pen pal hunt( organized by Fab) two days ago just on the last day of my exam and it completely cheered me up.These were the items included in that:

 I was really sad that the Washington cup got completely got damaged during the journey but I tried my best to revive it by gluing. Although it was not a great attempt, but at least it is in one piece now.

I loved everything in this- from the blue dolphin,the wooden box with candies, Earthscapes stamps,Seattle key chain,handmade wool Christmas ornament to the different city stickers. Everything was amazing!!!!

Thank you Fab for organizing the Secret Pen pal Scavenger Hunt.....I am looking forward for another round. Thank you Erika for sending such wonderful things and making it the perfect package for me.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mail! Mail! Mail!

Hello!Sorry for not posting anything here for such a long time. I was extremely busy preparing for my exams. Well, anyways I'm going to show the postcards and mail that I've received in the past few days.

First, a card from my pen pal Angie. She mailed it on the first day of the challenge (1st Feb).

Next, a New Year postcard from Aya which arrived just yesterday...

A card from my postcard pal Lily (Finland)

A postcard from Sharon (Mexico)

Next, a letter from my pen pal Heidi (Finland)

Postcard from my pal Bree ( Malaysia)

Well, my outgoing mail is very slow at the moment. I am trying my best to write back to everyone and I hope you all(my pals) will have enough patience to wait for my postcards and letters.What are you guys doing these days?

 I want to watch all the beautiful movies nominated for the Academy Awards but it's a pity that not all the movies are available in India at the moment.So, I have to wait for the DVD releases, though I was lucky enough to watch Life of Pi (last November) in the theater.