Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Incoming and outgoing

Hello Everyone!!! I haven't been getting much mail these days but here's what I've sent and got recently. 

First, a letter from my pal Ryan

Next lovely cards from my pal Elizabeth with a picture of her friend's cute pet 

Now the outgoing mail...Today (20th March) is celebrated as World story telling day, so I am doing my bit by sending stories to my pals. Here's the two letters containing stories I've sent today.

front view

back view
Next a postcard to my pal Lily 

Lastly a reply to my pal Ryan and a postcard to another friend

I am finally relieved because my final exams have finished. I am happy that I'm able to reply and communicate with all of my pals now by sending them mail. 

It's sad that Google Friend connector is going to retire so please import all your blogs from reading list using Bloglovin. Kindly follow my blog using the Blog lovin as well. Thank you!!!