Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cards and Letters

I got this lovely bunch of mail two days ago but wasn't able to write a post about it. So, I am going to do it today and share these beautiful cards and letters in this post.

This one's a first letter from Angie who blogs at Mailbox Happiness. I love those Pixar stamps released by USPS and Cars is one of my favorite movies.

The next one is an official postcrossing card from Australia which speaks for itself. This card has Australia's Gold winner stamps (London Olympics 2012) on the back. I think both the card and stamps are wonderful. What do you think?

This one is also an official postcrossing card from Netherlands.

Stamps on the back of the card from Netherlands
 The next one is from my postcard pal Fab from Italy and this is one of my favorite cards because I just love Rome.

Beautiful Italian stamp
 This is a card from China which is via private swap and I just love it's simplicity.

Chinese stamps
 This card was sent from Estonia by a user of It is beautiful but it was prepaid postcard so it didn't have any stamp on the back.

This last photo shows the stamps that was on the letter from my Swiss pen pal Nico.

This bunch of mail just brightened my gloomy day and I think that's the reason I am in love with it.Not just with this bunch but in fact with every card or letter I receive. I think that's the reason everyone loves to get mail. Why do you like mail? Do you have any other reasons apart from this?
Have a great Week!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cards are back!!

It's been quite a while since my last post and this was because the cards were still on their way to find my mail box.But now that they have finally found my way, I am back with a new post. 

This first one is a Griffin Maxi card from Australia and it was from my partner in Magical creatures postcard swap (Swap-Bot). This is my second maxi card in my collection( the first one being from Finland). I just love this card!!!! What do you think? Do you like maxi cards?

 This one is from Fairy postcard swap in Swap-bot:

Next one has come from Belgium through a private swap:

 This one is an official postcrossing card from Russia:

The last one is a letter from my pen pal- Ploy in Thailand who sends simple envelopes but the stamps on them are always beautiful.

The next picture shows the stamps on the earlier letters from Ploy.They are just amazing!!! I just love Thai stamps. What do you think? 

Hope my next bunch of mail arrives soon so that I could share it with you. It's really amazing to find a whole new bunch of mail from strangers and friends in your box. Isn't it?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

More Postcards!!!

It's always good to see postcards in mail box and I'm really happy today because I got postcards again!
I am happy that the postman has delivered this bunch quite quickly and did not delay it to Monday because a lot of times they do like that.

First one is from a direct swap with Amy from Hong Kong:

Victoria Harbor from a peak
The extra stuff along with the postcard

I never knew that Hong Kong post also released the stamps on Queen.Well, it was a great swap and all the beautiful stamps on the envelope were superb!

The next one is also from a direct swap with Alex and this card speaks for itself

And after quite a long time, I got a card from Ewelina and it shows the windmill from the open-Air museum of her city

The last one is an official Postcrossing card from a user in Taiwan

It is great to receive cards from such wonderful people and I think each card is unique in its own way.
I respect each and every person who has sent me such wonderful stuff and had brought a smile on my face.                                             

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's Raining Postcards!!!!

Huh! I think the postman has decided to deliver all the cards in a single day and made me wait for a long time. Well, I am happy that he has finally delivered the beautiful bunch of postcards today.

Here are those cards!!

This card is from Ukraine which shows a Russian painting.This postcard is from a user in Swap-Bot for the 3+ postage stamps#4 swap...

                                              Lovely stamps on the back of the card

The next one is an official postcrossing card from Romania

                                                  I just love these pretty stamps

This one's also an official postcrossing card from Belgium.
Unfortunately, the sender didn't write anything on the back of the card except "Greetings from Belgium" and his name. I wish he would have written something about this card.

       This is a second calligraphy stamp from Belgium( I got the first one from postcrossing as well)

The next one's from China and is through a private swap.

                                           Great Chinese stamps on the back the card

This last one's also through a private swap from Brazil. It shows the Japanese Festival of the Stars being celebrated in Sao Paulo's " Asian District" which is the largest Japanese settlement outside Japan. It was really great to know about it...

                                  This last one didn't have a stamp on it but a postal slip

Anyways, I am happy to get all of these lovely postcards with beautiful stamps attached to them and certainly not to forget the cheerful messages written on them.

I wonder what will my next bunch of postcards and letters teach me!