Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cards are back!!

It's been quite a while since my last post and this was because the cards were still on their way to find my mail box.But now that they have finally found my way, I am back with a new post. 

This first one is a Griffin Maxi card from Australia and it was from my partner in Magical creatures postcard swap (Swap-Bot). This is my second maxi card in my collection( the first one being from Finland). I just love this card!!!! What do you think? Do you like maxi cards?

 This one is from Fairy postcard swap in Swap-bot:

Next one has come from Belgium through a private swap:

 This one is an official postcrossing card from Russia:

The last one is a letter from my pen pal- Ploy in Thailand who sends simple envelopes but the stamps on them are always beautiful.

The next picture shows the stamps on the earlier letters from Ploy.They are just amazing!!! I just love Thai stamps. What do you think? 

Hope my next bunch of mail arrives soon so that I could share it with you. It's really amazing to find a whole new bunch of mail from strangers and friends in your box. Isn't it?


  1. Wow, those thai stamps are really gorgeous! And I love the griffin postcard. In here it's almost impossible to find non-turistic postcards, but I do have one showing a magical creature - a centaur, my favorite creature. :)

    I hope you'll receive my card soon!

    1. Thank you!!! Well, Centaurs are my favorite creatures as well.I am starting to think of collecting postcards related to different magical creatures. I hope I will find someone with whom I can swap these kind of cards....

  2. Those stamps are SO beautiful!

  3. So happy you're receiving lots of great mail! Makes the day better doesn't it! ;)