Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's Raining Postcards!!!!

Huh! I think the postman has decided to deliver all the cards in a single day and made me wait for a long time. Well, I am happy that he has finally delivered the beautiful bunch of postcards today.

Here are those cards!!

This card is from Ukraine which shows a Russian painting.This postcard is from a user in Swap-Bot for the 3+ postage stamps#4 swap...

                                              Lovely stamps on the back of the card

The next one is an official postcrossing card from Romania

                                                  I just love these pretty stamps

This one's also an official postcrossing card from Belgium.
Unfortunately, the sender didn't write anything on the back of the card except "Greetings from Belgium" and his name. I wish he would have written something about this card.

       This is a second calligraphy stamp from Belgium( I got the first one from postcrossing as well)

The next one's from China and is through a private swap.

                                           Great Chinese stamps on the back the card

This last one's also through a private swap from Brazil. It shows the Japanese Festival of the Stars being celebrated in Sao Paulo's " Asian District" which is the largest Japanese settlement outside Japan. It was really great to know about it...

                                  This last one didn't have a stamp on it but a postal slip

Anyways, I am happy to get all of these lovely postcards with beautiful stamps attached to them and certainly not to forget the cheerful messages written on them.

I wonder what will my next bunch of postcards and letters teach me!



  1. Beautiful cards! I hope you'll receive mine soon too :)

  2. I love that postcard from São Paulo. We are a lot in touch with Japanese culture in here, which is pretty cool.