Friday, 24 August 2012

Finally Got Postcards!!!!

After waiting for so many days ( I felt like years), I finally got the postcards and I was very happy to receive them. It was great to get all of them on the same day. Hence, it was worth waiting because the ultimate happiness you derive by getting all the cards after so many days is just incredible.

Here are the cards:

This card is from Germany and I was baffled to see the card because I didn't understand what it showed and actually held it the wrong way when I looked at it for the first time.

                       (Well, it is an escalator of a shaft tower. Interesting card isn't it?)

This one's from Belarus and obviously doesn't require any explanation.Pity that it had a ruff journey but this is where the fun lies because I feel it makes it even more special, what do you think?

The next one is from The Netherlands and is just simply beautiful

The next one is from The Netherlands as well showing the Royal family

This card is from Japan showing the art work( The Cafe at Night) by my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh

This card shows the capital of Lithuania- Vilnius

It was really great fun to read all these wonderful cards. It gives me lot of happiness to read the messages written on the back of the card. I hope I will get my next set of surprising postcards soon.

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  1. Mail always makes us wait a little long, and then fills our mailboxes with many things at one time. You have some really nice postcards there. My favorite is Harry Potter. :)