Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ready to Go!!!!

Hello Everyone,

This is the first time I am writing a blog which I hope would be successful in grabbing attention who love snail mail, postcards and stamps. The immense love towards postcards and snail mail have compelled me to start this blog.
I hope I will make lots of new friends here!

                                                         (Postcards from my collection)

                                                  (Stamps on an outgoing postcard)

I have been obsessed with snail mail, postcards and stamps.I am fond of decorated envelopes and other stationery as well. I am looking forward for more mails and postcards from my new friends(that I hope to make) through this blog.

I need your love and support desperately!


  1. Hi Amit! It's Annie )

    Great start and I hope you'd have lots of fun blogging about your cards and stamps.

    I'd love to be a penpal of yours, I believe I have some stories to tell and plenty of cards that might fit into your collection.

    So let me know your address and whether you're about to write first. That's not a demand, I can easily be first myself, or we could start with exchanging cards. Just let me know what you prefer )

  2. Thanks a lot Annie for your support and acceptance...

  3. Hi Amit, thanks for your comment on my blog (http://www.80sgirl.com). I'm not looking for new penpals at the moment but if you like I could send you a postcard from my State/Country and you can send me one back? :)