Saturday, 8 September 2012

More Postcards!!!

It's always good to see postcards in mail box and I'm really happy today because I got postcards again!
I am happy that the postman has delivered this bunch quite quickly and did not delay it to Monday because a lot of times they do like that.

First one is from a direct swap with Amy from Hong Kong:

Victoria Harbor from a peak
The extra stuff along with the postcard

I never knew that Hong Kong post also released the stamps on Queen.Well, it was a great swap and all the beautiful stamps on the envelope were superb!

The next one is also from a direct swap with Alex and this card speaks for itself

And after quite a long time, I got a card from Ewelina and it shows the windmill from the open-Air museum of her city

The last one is an official Postcrossing card from a user in Taiwan

It is great to receive cards from such wonderful people and I think each card is unique in its own way.
I respect each and every person who has sent me such wonderful stuff and had brought a smile on my face.                                             


  1. I really like the extra stuff that came with your first postcard :) By the way, I got your postcard this morning! Thanks a lot, I loved it, and also your handwriting is really beautiful. Meanwhile you wait for mine to reach you, I will already reply to this one as it seem to take a while to travel from Italy. Have a nice day :)

    1. Thank you for complimenting about my hand writing and I am happy that you liked the card.I am patiently waiting for your card.I will be sending you another card soon.

  2. Great cards, Amit! I'm in love with the Poland Stamp, it's beautiful!

  3. Oh my, did my card get damaged on the way? It looks a bit worn out.

    Have a great weekend Amit! :D

    P.S.: I have to agree with WreckThisGirl, your handwriting IS beautiful Amit! :)

    1. Yes, it had quite a tough journey and so got damaged but that makes it even more special. Thanks!I am happy you liked my handwriting. Would you like to swap with me once again?

  4. Yes I'd love to swap again! :D