Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cards and Outgoing Mail

Namaste! Here's what I've received in the past week

Two cards from my postcard pal Lily (Finland). She sent the first card during her visit to Lapland.

Next two cards from Adventures of Traveling Postcard R6

My incoming and outgoing mail are extremely slow at the moment. So, I haven't sent much and here's what I've sent this week:

A super late reply(my apologies) to my pen pal Heidi

A postcard on its way to my postcard pal in Finland

I hope that my incoming mail would move faster so that I can send more and more stuff. How is your Incoming mail at the moment?


  1. Great to see that the cards made it :)
    My incoming mail is okay only because of postcrossing - for the last 3 weeks I think I've received a card or two everyday when the mail is delivered in here (Mon-Fri) :)

  2. Beautiful postcards!! I love them all.