Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Mail

Hello!! Mail has been extremely slow here and this is what I've got last month.

First, a giveaway package from Aniko who blogs at Idle Needle

Next, two cards (received on different dates) from my postcard pal Lily

A Thank you card from Singapore Philatelic Museum ( they sent me one because I sent them a snake themed postcard for their exhibition)

A card from a private swap with Ilona (Cornwall,England)

 Another card from a private swap with Leung (Hong Kong)

Lastly, a a letter from my pen pal L R Mc Arthur

Has your incoming mail been very slow these days?? I hope mine picks up the speed a little bit so that I can share it with all of you...Have a Great Day!


  1. My mail has been slow these weeks as well...
    I was wondering: did you ever get the Christmas card I sent you as a reply to yours? I hate when mail gets lost...
    I hope you're doing good!

  2. Very nice postcards :)

  3. glad you received it all okay!
    love the postcard from hong kong!