Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mail! Mail! Mail!

Hello!Sorry for not posting anything here for such a long time. I was extremely busy preparing for my exams. Well, anyways I'm going to show the postcards and mail that I've received in the past few days.

First, a card from my pen pal Angie. She mailed it on the first day of the challenge (1st Feb).

Next, a New Year postcard from Aya which arrived just yesterday...

A card from my postcard pal Lily (Finland)

A postcard from Sharon (Mexico)

Next, a letter from my pen pal Heidi (Finland)

Postcard from my pal Bree ( Malaysia)

Well, my outgoing mail is very slow at the moment. I am trying my best to write back to everyone and I hope you all(my pals) will have enough patience to wait for my postcards and letters.What are you guys doing these days?

 I want to watch all the beautiful movies nominated for the Academy Awards but it's a pity that not all the movies are available in India at the moment.So, I have to wait for the DVD releases, though I was lucky enough to watch Life of Pi (last November) in the theater.

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  1. Lovely incoming mail! I love the envelope that your penpal Heidi sent you!